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Dear Josy,

I am a prospective medical illustration student. Why should I get my masters at the University of Illinois at Chicago and not, say, Johns Hopkins?

Confused in Wyoming*

Dear Confused,

The AHS Building, where you will take most of your classes, has an honest-to-God working mail chute. And the Biomedical Visualization section used to be the tuberculosis wing of--I believe--an old mental hospital. Mail chutes and tuberculosis! I mean, if that doesn't win you over, I don't know what will.

Best of luck!-

*not a real letter. But if you do actually want to discuss the merits of UIC, email me at josconklin [at] gmail [dot] com, and I'd be happy to talk it over.

Date: August 2008
Where/What: the Applied Health and Science Building's mail chute! How awesome is that?!
Camera: Fuji S700
Shutter: 1/50
Aperture: f 3.5
ISO: 200

Listening to: St. Louis Blues (W.C. Handy)
Thankful for: the fitness center here is directly connected to my dorm!

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. 8/25/2008 11:04:00 PM


John Y. said...

Josy, your enthusiasm for your new school is inspiring. I mean, you've been there just over a week and already you're trying to talk new students into going there.

Just one small thing: I don't know if UIC has the capacity to handle all the prospective students from Wyoming. That is probably why they didn't feature the AHS mail chute prominently in the brochures.

Josy said...

And I've only been to two classes! How 'bout that.

Seriously, though, I figure by the time someone discovers this page through Google, I'll actually have something substantial to tell them.