Jersey Shore sunset photo

Oh man. I know they're cliches. But they're SO DAMN PRETTY. Which is probably why they're cliches.

Date: June 2008
Where/What: Sunset over Fletcher Lake (between Ocean Grove and Bradley Beach)
Camera: Fuji S700
Shutter: 1/210
Aperture: f 4.0
ISO: 64

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. 6/06/2008 10:01:00 AM
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mgilpin said...

is the goldin quote real?...

Josy said...


Would YOU like to offer a REAL testimonial? I can put you up there instead.

mgilpin said...

if i thought you were serious, i might venture a quote..

but, i have officially now sold out... i doubt i have any "street cred' left... so you might not want a quote from me...

Josy said...

Street cred, feet cred. I respect you.