This is really old, but it is AWESOME. If you ask my very humble opinion.
(It's one of my homages to Joost Elffers & Saxton Freyman.)

Things I learned this week:
1. The consensus, among a group of midwesterners and southerners, is that I have a Jersey accent! I thought I talked the same as everyone else here. I've been trying to compare my dialect to a "normal" accent--or at least a Chicago-area-midwestern accent--and all I can figure is that everyone else here talks a bit like a bunch of valley girls.

2. This photoblog looked horrible in IE 6. When I'd previously checked the compatibility on a Windows computer, everything seemed fine... but apparently that computer was running Internet Explorer 7, and there's actually a difference between IE 6 and IE 7. I think I've added some hacks to the layout, so it should read semi-normally now, but please please please let me know if anything looks funky.

2a. This photoblog looks horrible on a really bright monitor.

Can you see 11 different shades of gray?

How 'bout 11 different shades of dark gray?...

...and 11 shades of light gray?

If one end of the spectrum or another is blending together for you (meaning, if you can make out fewer than 11 different shades of gray in each bar--especially the light grays, 'cos I know the dark grays kind of blend into my whole page background), I'd suggest looking into recalibrating your monitor. It takes about 5 minutes, and it will probably make your overall internet experience much more pleasurable.

3. About 40% of people don't have a psoas minor, and about 14% don't have a palmaris longus.

Just throwin' it out there.

Date: August 2006
Where/What: playing with fruit (and clay)
Camera: Nikon Coolpix 3200
Shutter: 2/61
Aperture: f 2.8
ISO: 50

Listening to: Short Skirt, Long Jacket (Cake)
Thankful for: internet access

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. 9/21/2008 09:56:00 AM
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John Y. said...

0. No need to ask. Its awesomeness is self-evident.

1. Did people tell you that you have a Jersey accent before or after they found out you're from NJ?

2. I've actually never had a problem with any of your blogs in IE 6.

2a. My monitor has always been rather bright, and your blog looked fine to me. Maybe you would have found it horrible. But I had actually been meaning to see what I could do about it anyway (because of issues with my desktop) so I looked into it. Let me tell you, it can take a LOT more than 5 minutes to calibrate a monitor to simultaneously pass the light and dark gray tests!

Actually, after much longer than I care to admit, I still can't quite get the two darkest and two lightest squares to be distinct at the same time. (It's not hard to get either pair to be distinct if I sacrifice the other.)

A much less stringent test, which I can pass, is Photo Friday's. Presumably this is good enough.

3. That is fascinating. Human variability never ceases to amaze me. (That's even without considering those freaks who do gymnastics.)

Adam said...

Holy cow! I almost died laughing (not good, I'm in a lab right now) when I saw this. Unbelievably brilliant and so well thought out. Great job.

And most likely you do have an accent. It's extremely easy to tell any coast apart from the Midwest accent but especially the Chicago accent. Though I don't know who you're hanging out with that sounds like a bunch of valley girls (other than the obvious).

raindog said...

ok funny girl. this just cracked me up! very awesome indeed.

the raspberry is perfect. he looks like a scrappy lil fellow and i have the confidence that he will prevail and kick some peach ass.

batman said...

I'm sure you do have a Jersey accent, or at least a New York-area accent. I do. We tend to pronounce more distinct vowels than the rest of the country ("Marry," "merry," and "Mary" all sound different the way I say them, but there tends to be overlap for my friends from outside the region.)

The photo is awesome.

I have some trouble with the two lightest shades, but I don't think "fixing" that would particularly enhance my viewing experience.

Josy said...

John- I tend to introduce myself as "Josy from Joisey" (and I proceed to never pronounce Jersey like that again). So, yeah, if they know my name, they know I'm from NJ. I suspect some of it just might be me and my funny ways of talking.

Really? No border issues in IE 6? I was having some.

As for the monitor thingie, I think it's more of an issue if the top five blocks blend together. Just, y'know, if my photos regularly look like crap--beyond the usual crap expected from an amateur photographer--consider recalibration.

Adam- I haven't figured out the midwest accent yet, and I'm kind of kicking myself. People keep telling me, "oh, you'll hear it, trust me," and... it just continues to totally baffle me.

...side note: I can just imagine your inappropriate shriek of laughter coming from a quiet lab, and it makes me happy. That exact reaction is, to me, TOTALLY worth creating art for.

RD- The raspberry will always prevail.

Batman- Ah, is that it? It would seem that WE are the normal-English-speakers, and everyone ELSE has the accent.

As for the monitor thingie, I think it's more of an issue if the top five blocks blend together. Just, y'know, if my photos regularly look like crap--beyond the usual crap expected from an amateur photographer--consider recalibration.